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WIBA Women

Women Centered WIBA Events Designed to Facilitate Collaboration and Growth with each other

WIBA wants to grow, expand and build on the current success, collaborate with other organizations and develop and implement big/strategic ideas to grow, develop and support female leaders and serve the business community.

We are now more than a luncheon. Our WIBA membership has grown from 80/20 to 50/50 men and women. We are now providing additional resources to move female leaders forward.


WIBA Women Level Up

WIBA Women's Professional Development Program

MISSION: To educate, encourage and foster a community of women in business through professional development.

VISION: Empowering women in businesess to their fullest potential.


Enrollment: Anytime

2024 Schedule:

February 27

May 22

August 27

October 29

WIBA has collaborated with other organizations and developed this program with a diverse advisory committee to identify the gap that we are filling in women's professional development journey.

$100 billed annually gets you access to both levels of involvement. Deeper levels added may have additional cost.


  • Seminar
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Meets Quarterly


  • Matched Mentorship
  • Meets Monthly

Events for WIBA Women 

  • Monthly Women's Luncheon (1st Tues of the month)
  • 9 & Wine
  • More to come...
group of ladies at women's leadership alliance

Thank you Level Up Sponsors

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